• Make Sure you Avoid these Mistakes when Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

    Couples all over the world make sure they have hired the best wedding photographer. However, some couples do not understand who to hire and end up hiring the wrong person or even assign this job to an inexperienced acquaintance.  In a wedding, the venue, vendors, gifts, the dress, and the cake constitute a significant portion. […]

  • Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

    When planning your wedding ceremony there are many locations to choose from, along with and many themes to choose from to make your special day complete. You can save a lot of stress by properly planning before hand, and making sure all the elements of your wedding are well prepared. When it comes to planning […]

  • Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding And Reception

    There are some places in Las Vegas that you can get a great outdoor wedding. Some of the chapels offer Garden Weddings or Gazebo Weddings that you can take advantage of. But if you are looking for one of kind and by far the most breath taking views of an outside wedding, hold your wedding […]

  • Gifts Between Bride And Groom

    what’s better than your wedding day?  Presents from your honey before it all begins on your big day!  This is a nice tradition especially since you aren’t supposed to be seeing each other that day at all.  Getting a little gift delivered to you from your sweetie is the perfect way to start your wedding […]

  • Fabric And Finishes Of Wedding Dresses

    Options for Fabric and Finishes of a Dress When picking for a dress, it is important that you are well aware of its fabric and finishes. In the bridal world, there are a number of fabric and finishes that you can find. If you have no idea, it is easily to get confused. For your […]

  • Do It Yourself Wedding Make-Up

    Even the most “down-to-earth, zero makeup and zero fuss” kind of gal finds herself suddenly thinking about wedding make-up and wedding hair styles before her wedding day. At the minimum, she wants her skin to look fresh and clean and clear and her skin to feel soft. Most women want more, they want to look […]